Making interactivity more interactive.

Making interactivity more interactive.

Postby saurabh.singhal » Wed Jul 02, 2014 6:53 pm

A interactivity is intended to engage the learner and generate some interest. It differentiate a course from being just a 'click and read'. One should keep certain points in mind while creating an interactivity:

* 4-Cs which should always be remembered,
Context: An interactivity should be relevant to the learner, as well as to the course content. Always remember to remain on track, an interactivity should not take the user off the track by providing any unnecessary information.
Choices: Choices given should be viable and realistic. Also, user should be made to ponder over it. It should not either be a cake walk nor should it be very difficult.
Challenge: You should intend to challenge the understanding of the user. Engage him, get him to process some information of the basis of some given situation and then apply his knowledge to make a decision.
Consequence: Try and delay the feedback. It makes the learning experience more dynamic and realistic.

* Keep it simple: Simple scenarios help in effective engaging and saving time, both for you and the learner.

* Reward the user: Reward may no always be in monetary terms, it may be in the form of scores or expressions, for instance: "Yeah! you are doing great :)".

* Do but not overdo: Do not try to put many things in an interactivity. Its purpose is to create interest not loosing that. A user should look forward for an interactivity in a course,not to avoid it.
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Re: Making interactivity more interactive.

Postby kawstov » Fri Jul 04, 2014 1:21 am

Nicely written Saurabh! let me see if I can collect some examples for the same.
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