Force Uninstalling a Program that won't uninstall

Force Uninstalling a Program that won't uninstall

Postby kawstov » Tue Nov 04, 2014 1:10 am

Tried something on my system that left one of my programs uninstallable. The program would show itself in Program and Features, but uninstallation would fail.

To rectify the error Microsoft has a tool called - Dr Fixit. (
Download it.

Once it is run, it will ask for the task required: Install/ Uninstall. Select uninstall.

It will list down all the programs uninstalled. Select your program. If you donot see it there. Select "Not Listed".

If you select "Not Listed", the tool will ask for product code.

Use MSIINV.exe tool to get the product code. (Details given here -

Enter the product code and wait for some time.

A window will appear stating that the issue is resolved.

Now goto program manager and uninstall the program. It will uninstall it successfully.
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